Our Services

The simple act of getting your parcels from A to B shouldn’t be rocket science, that’s why at Fastway, we offer a simplified service; there are no complicated formulas, multiple weight breaks or messy notes to complete. In fact, our courier pricing structure is completely transparent.

Your Friendly Courier Experts

Fastway provides Metropolitan, Regional and National freight distribution, with twice-daily local services in all key regional and metropolitan locations across South Africa. We use the hub and spoke model of delivery – a system that ensures that our customers are provided with the highest level of service at an economical price. Each Courier Franchisee operates within its own territory, picking up and delivering parcels exclusively within that area. At pre-determined times during the day, all Courier Franchisees return to a secure Regional Franchise depot or hub, to sort and exchange freight. Depots in different cities are linked by overnight road linehaul services.

Fastway's Linehaul Services

The linehaul operation in South Africa is centrally managed through the Franchise Support Office and all pickups from Regional Franchisees are collected daily and transported to the designated Regional Franchise as quickly and economically as possible. Linehaul cages are used to facilitate transportation and security of freight within the Fastway network of companies.

Major City Services

The linehaul service provides same-day, overnight and
48hr services depending on destination and customer
requirements. Selected hubs throughout the network are used as pick-up and drop-off points to facilitate the efficient distribution of caged freight between
Regional Franchises. On all routes, trucks operate on fixed schedules, leaving the originating depot in the evening to arrive at their overnight and or 48hr destinations early in
the morning. This ensures that overnight freight is delivered in the morning delivery cycle by Fastway Courier Franchisees.