Application Programming Interface


The Fastway API is a RESTful API that is intended to be invoked by third parties in order to take advantage of and integrate with our internal systems.

Customers who wish to integrate with Fastways International Couriers can do so by utilizing our RESTful API which allows you to perform various tasks such as:

  • Track and trace
  • Quoting
  • Create shipping labels

Documentation around the API calls and to get an API key can be accessed via the following link.

Unfortunately, Fastway does not provide support for customers experiencing issues with pre-built 3rd party plug-ins for eCommerce solutions. If you’re experiencing issues with such a plug-in you’ll need to contact the developer of that software.

By default, your API key will have a daily limit of 100 calls.  If you wish to increase or request access to any of the restricted areas please complete the below contact form.

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